Outside General Counsel Services

At Advocate Solutions, we have represented some of the same clients for over twelve years with pragmatic and cost-effective in-house counsel services. We take the time to listen and understand the needs of each client to ensure the services we provide them as outside general counsel produce value by minimizing their risk exposure. For most business owners, there is often a long gap of time from the date they launch their business and possibly consult a legal professional on the choice of entity until they are contemplating an exit strategy. During the operation period, many business owners unwittingly make costly business decisions without first seeking counsel concerning the implications.

Having represented small business clients in the healthcare, technology, and education industries, as outside general counsel we anticipate the legal issues that are common to most small businesses and also evaluate the unique circumstances of each business and its owners to provide counsel on compliance issues, regulatory matters, business legal advisory services, and employee relation issues. Clients are able to secure our services as outside general counsel on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis with fixed-fee billing arrangements. Our tax and business advisory services provide great value for those businesses with employees or sales within the State of California or those businesses with nexus to the State of California.

Employer Related Legal Issues

Businesses that implement best practices with policies and procedures internally documented and enforced are more likely to minimize their employee related litigation risk. Disgruntled employees are often the cause for many business issues that ultimately lead to costly litigation. Businesses that fail to comply with payroll obligations or erroneously designate employees as independent contractors face significant tax penalty exposure at the federal and state level. We review the business operations and employee handbook to ensure the businesses are not unnecessarily exposed to potential penalties.

Business Advisory Legal Issues

Advocate Solutions provides contractual review and general business legal advisory services in connection with third-party contractual relationships. We evaluate proposed contract terms and provide the client with a risk analysis to ensure the terms reflect their intentions. We also provide dispute resolution services for third-party disputes as well as consumer/customer complaints in an attempt to neutralize the incident and prevent escalation of the dispute or harm to the client’s business reputation. We have mediated several disputes on behalf of our small business clients and successfully resolved them to minimize harm to their business reputation and scrutiny from regulators.

Regulatory an Licensing Issues

Most small business owners find that understanding and compliance of regulatory requirements can be overwhelming when resources are limited. Our services as outside general counsel can alleviate the burden of navigating and comprehending complex government codes and regulations.

At Advocate Solutions we have represented multi-million dollar businesses in dealing with a myriad of government regulations at the national, state, and local levels. In addition to compliance reporting, we intervene on behalf of our clients when there is a potential for a dispute that can escalate and cause greater harm to the business.

Real Estate Matters

We offer a variety of transactional services in the area of real estate law ranging from review and negotiation of commercial lease agreements, resolution of landlord/tenant disputes and can assist clients with the sale or disposition of their portfolio of real estate assets.

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